As Dogecoin trades on dip, two major wallets have shoveled close to 240 million DOGE

@DogeWhaleAlert has reported that within the last 16 hours, two crypto transfers have been found that contained enormous amounts of Dogecoin (DOGE).

The first one transferred 123,620,027 DOGE worth $9,523,687 from one top-20 wallet to another. The second transfer came from a secret address to one of the top 20 cryptocurrency wallets. The value of this second piece was 111,869,251 DOGE, or $8,592,006. About 240 million of the largest meme coin by market valuation have been moved for extremely small fees. The cost to shift the larger DOGE chunk was 4.51 DOGE ($0.35). The second transaction cost 38.25 DOGE ($2.94) in fees.

The quickness and cheap cost of transfers are two major benefits of cryptocurrency over the legacy banking system that no traditional bank can provide for its consumers.

These DOGE transfers happened a few hours after Elon Musk posted an odd tweet about his “transition” from cryptocurrency to artificial intelligence.

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