Arweave (AR) Founder Accuses Irys of Unethical Source Code Use, Sparks Crypto Controversy

Sam Williams, the mastermind behind the Arweave blockchain, has leveled accusations against the Irys project, claiming they’ve replicated his source code but morphed it into what he terms “unethical territory.” This clash has ignited a heated debate within the crypto sphere, resulting in a 13% plunge in AR token value within mere hours.

On December 18th, Sam Williams, the visionary behind Arweave, took to forums to indict the storage solution project Irys (formerly Bundlr) of scheming to fork his platform’s reserves. What’s particularly striking is Irys’ divergent approach in forking Arweave, including the potential removal of datasets and a reset of token supply—an action Williams alleges stems from the project’s “greed.”

Characterizing this approach as unethical, Arweave’s founder has called upon Irys users to migrate to alternative storage providers or establish their independent storage packages. Arweave’s blockchain also intends to expunge Irys from its display.

In response, Irys vehemently asserts its commitment to never compromise user data and pledges to maintain transparent technology. The project deems the founder’s conduct as “disappointing,” threatening to ostracize Irys despite self-professing as a decentralized platform.

The tragic irony lies in Sam Williams’ actions. As someone devoted to crafting technology safeguarding humanity from tyranny, witnessing him emulate such behavior and endeavor to deplatform Irys from Arweave—a platform designed to be open-source and permissionless—is disheartening.

Irys reiterates its steadfast stance: it never has and never will coerce users regarding their data storage preferences. Enabling unimpeded access to enduring data remains pivotal to Irys’ ethos, championing censorship-resistant, open-source, and permissionless technology.

In light of potential difficulties accessing data due to active censorship on http://arweave.net, Irys welcomes users to redirect their applications to their hosted gateway at http://gateway.irys.xyz. They offer assistance for queries or individualized support.

Amidst this unfolding drama, AR token prices plummeted by 10% over the past day, dipping from over $10 to the current $8.8, despite these accusations originating from Arweave’s camp.

AR/USDT 1 day-chart on Binance | Source: TradingView

Arweave stands as the fourth-largest decentralized data blockchain by market capitalization, catering to perpetual data storage and embraced by the NFT artist community. Notably, the blockchain previously collaborated with Meta in integrating NFTs into Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Arweave interoperates with networks like Ethereum and Solana for NFT interactions.

This clash not only threatens the stability of these platforms but also raises significant questions about ethics, decentralization, and user autonomy in the burgeoning blockchain landscape. As the controversy unfolds, the broader crypto community awaits further developments, anticipating the resolution of this contentious rift between two prominent projects in the crypto sphere.

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