Arthur Hayes Joins Ritual as Advisor to Propel Financialization of AI

In a strategic move bridging the realms of finance and artificial intelligence, Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of BitMEX and Chief Investment Officer of Maelstrom, has taken on an advisory role at Ritual, a decentralized AI platform. Hayes, renowned for his extensive expertise in both traditional and crypto capital markets, is poised to steer Ritual towards pioneering advancements in the financial integration of AI technologies.

His appointment bolsters Ritual’s advisory board, which already boasts luminaries such as NEAR Protocol’s Illia Polosukhin, EigenLayer’s Sreeram Kannan, and Gauntlet’s Tarun Chitra. With a track record of introducing groundbreaking financial instruments like perpetual swaps in cryptocurrency trading, Hayes brings invaluable insights at the convergence of AI and crypto markets.

Arthur Hayes

Ritual, emerging from stealth mode last year, is composed of a formidable team drawn from illustrious backgrounds at tech behemoths such as OpenAI, Google, and finance giants like Coinbase, Citadel, and Paradigm. November witnessed a significant milestone for Ritual as they secured a substantial $25 million injection of capital in a funding round led by Archetype, accompanied by contributions from Accomplice and Robot Ventures. While the valuation remains undisclosed, this investment signals confidence in the platform’s potential.

The decision to bring Arthur Hayes on board aligns with Ritual’s vision of harnessing the transformative power of AI, specifically generative AI, to revolutionize industries and drive unparalleled productivity. Hayes himself shares this conviction, expressing his belief in AI’s potential to reshape the economic landscape.

“I strongly believe that AI is changing the world,” Hayes remarked. “Generative AI, in particular, drives new use cases and worker productivity and will have massive rippling effects on the economy.”

Hayes outlined his primary focus with Ritual, emphasizing his intent to delve into the financialization of AI models, GPUs, and data. This strategic direction underlines a concerted effort to explore novel avenues at the nexus of AI technology and financial markets, a domain ripe for innovation and growth.

In a statement, Ritual articulated its excitement about Hayes’ involvement: “Arthur Hayes was also one of the first crypto leaders to understand the opportunities at the intersection of AI and Crypto and will utilize his perspective from both traditional and crypto markets to help Ritual scale.”

The collaboration between Hayes and Ritual signals a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI-powered financial solutions. With Hayes’ extensive experience and Ritual’s talented team, the convergence of AI and finance seems poised to reach new heights, potentially reshaping industries and economies on a global scale.

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