Archway (ARCH) Announces Genesis Airdrop for Axelar Bridge Users and ATOM Stakers

Archway (ARCH), a blockchain project built on the Cosmos network, has made an exciting announcement that will benefit both Axelar Bridge users and ATOM stakers. The project has revealed the Archway Genesis Airdrop, which aims to foster cross-chain development and expand the growing Cosmos ecosystem.

In a show of support for the Cosmos and Archway communities, Archway plans to allocate 50 million ARCH tokens, equivalent to 5% of the genesis supply, in multiple waves to deserving members. This airdrop is a significant step towards achieving their shared vision of a more interconnected and decentralized future.

Archway has also managed to secure $21 million in a seed funding round, with backing from prominent investors such as Hashed Fund, Blockchain Capital, and CoinFund. This substantial funding will enable Archway to further enhance its infrastructure and drive adoption within the Cosmos network.

To fuel community growth and engagement, Archway has chosen CoinList, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform, to conduct the ARCH token sale. The sale is scheduled for June 15th, and interested participants must register by June 12th. CoinList will offer a hardcap of $6 million, providing an opportunity to acquire 30 million ARCH tokens, which accounts for 3% of the total supply. The sale price on CoinList has been set at $0.2, valuing the project at $200 million.

To ensure a responsible token distribution, the ARCH token sale will implement a vesting schedule. Participants will experience a 40-day lockup period, followed by an 8-month linear vesting process. This approach promotes long-term commitment and stability within the Archway ecosystem.

The partnership between Archway and Axelar Bridge users has sparked great enthusiasm. In a tweet, Archway expressed their excitement about recognizing and incentivizing actions that align with their goals of exploring the Cosmos, advancing cross-chain development, and driving adoption. They also emphasized the importance of reaching out to new communities and spreading the Archway ethos across the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

By including Axelar Bridge users in the Archway Genesis Airdrop, Archway aims to encourage collaboration and continued exploration of the Cosmos network. This gesture acknowledges the curiosity, drive, and commitment of Axelar Bridge users to a decentralized future.

As the date of the ARCH token sale approaches, Archway expects increased interest from both existing community members and newcomers. With its innovative approach to cross-chain development and commitment to building a thriving ecosystem, Archway positions itself as a promising player in the blockchain industry.

The Archway team anticipates significant progress in realizing their vision of a more interconnected and decentralized future within the Cosmos ecosystem through the Archway Genesis Airdrop and the upcoming ARCH token sale.

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