Arbitrum Foundation Funds Crypto-Themed Film Project “New Here”

Arbitrum Foundation, the organization behind the layer-2 solution of the same name, has decided to sponsor a film project called “New Here”. The film revolves around the perspective of a newcomer who starts to learn and explore crypto.

According to the announcement, Arbitrum Foundation has established a partnership with Dpop Studios, a media company, to support New Here. The project will be co-produced by Shane Boris, who won an Oscar last year for the documentary Navalny.

New Here consists of 11 short episodes, and is expected to be released throughout 2024. At the same time, the project will launch a collection of NFTs called “Glimpses” on the Zora blockchain. These NFTs are open art editions, which help to connect the film with the audience. By owning the NFTs corresponding to each part of the film, the viewers can participate in a variety of exciting experiences, linking entertainment with digital ownership, in a way that the media and film industry has never done before.

However, this is not the first time that the world has combined cinema with crypto. Last year, Decentralized Pictures, co-founded by Roman Coppola, the son of legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, funded the film “The Quiet Maid” through the sale of NFTs.

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