Arbitrum Experiences Continued Block Generation Issues

In a recent update on December 16, Arbitrum announced an official clarification regarding the recent network disruption caused by a surge in Inscription—a trend that has been gaining momentum across various blockchains, including BNB Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, and TON in recent weeks. This surge in Inscription emerged as the primary factor behind the sudden surge in transaction volumes on Arbitrum, leading to network congestion.

The incident, fortunately, has been addressed, with Arbitrum successfully generating blocks and processing transactions as usual. The Arbitrum One sequencer, which encountered a temporary outage between 10:29 AM and 11:57 AM EST, is now back up and running.

The development team is actively investigating the issue, confirming that an overwhelming influx of Inscriptions caused the sequencer to malfunction, disrupting the proper relay of transactions. While the problem has been resolved, the backlog of transactions has resulted in gas prices fluctuating due to the transaction volume. However, these prices are expected to stabilize shortly.

Assurances have been made that a comprehensive post-mortem analysis will be provided promptly, offering insights into the root cause of the disruption and the steps taken to rectify the situation.

The community’s patience and understanding during this period are deeply appreciated. Data retrieved from the blockchain indicates that 90% of transactions conducted on Arbitrum before the incident were associated with Inscription.

Monitoring transaction data on Arbiscan reveals that the most recent block on Arbitrum was numbered 160384180 and occurred approximately an hour ago. Notably, this is not the first time Arbitrum has encountered block generation issues. The community previously highlighted Arbitrum’s block generation disruption in September 2021.

Moreover, in addition to this incident, the Layer-2 network has faced other related challenges. In a separate incident in August 2023, Arbitrum encountered issues managing ETH balances in wallets for fee payments, causing the network to be unable to process transactions for an hour. Additionally, in January 2022, Arbitrum experienced connectivity issues stemming from the Sequencer network.

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