ArbDoge.AI Reveals Pricing Details for Highly Anticipated “Truth AIDOGE NFT” Collection

ArbDoge.AI, a prominent NFT player, has shared some details about the pricing structure of their highly anticipated “Truth AIDOGE NFT” collection. While complete information will be unveiled in upcoming documentation and website updates within a week, the company has provided a sneak peek to address community inquiries.

The Truth AIDOGE NFT collection, consisting of 10,000 generative AI art profile picture NFTs created by ArbDoge.AI, will be released on the Ethereum mainnet. These NFTs hold significant value as they serve as the core NFTs of the ArbDoge.AI platform. Notably, 50% of the royalties from this collection and all future ArbDoge.AI NFT collections will be distributed to Truth AIDOGE holders through a staking system.

The pricing structure for the Truth AIDOGE collection is divided into three stages. In Stage 1, 500 Mystery Boxes will be released on a launchpad platform, each priced at $600 equivalent tokens. Stage 2 involves the sale of 2,500 Mystery Boxes through two whitelists on the official website, with each box priced at $800 in Ethereum (ETH). Additionally, 7,000 Mystery Boxes will be sold for $AICODE, the native token of ArbDoge.AI, with prices ranging from $800 to $2,700 in $AICODE.

In Stage 3, the majority of the income generated from the sale of Mystery Boxes during the launchpad and whitelist rounds, excluding necessary marketing expenses, will be utilized to purchase $ARB tokens. These tokens will be distributed to $AICODE stakers. Furthermore, the $AICODE obtained from the blind box sales will be stored in a time-locked address, reserved for future incentives within the ecosystem.

ArbDoge.AI’s pricing structure for the Truth AIDOGE NFT collection showcases a multi-tiered approach, offering opportunities for enthusiasts and collectors to acquire these unique and valuable digital assets. With the promise of shared royalties and ecosystem incentives, the collection holds the potential to attract a significant following within the NFT community.

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