Aptos Launches JamboPhone, A Crypto Smartphone For The Emerging Markets

Aptos Foundation, a blockchain layer-1 platform, has announced the launch of JamboPhone, the first smartphone of the Aptos ecosystem, with the goal of opening up the digital economy for users in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. According to the announcement on X on February 16, JamboPhone is currently available in more than 40 countries/regions and is sold for only 99 USD, 10 times cheaper than the 1000 USD starting price of the Saga smartphone from the Solana network before.

With the information available on the website, the smartphone has some features as follows:

  • Lithium ion polymer battery 4000 mAh
  • 6.5″ LCD screen
  • Dual SIM
  • Dual camera design
  • Users can refer to and order the product here.

JamboPhone is the product of the collaboration between Aptos and the Web3 application Jambo. Similar to the Saga smartphone from Solana, JamboPhone is also designed to focus on the applications on Aptos, including dApps such as Petra wallet or Jambo that help users have a seamless experience in the ecosystem.

Thus, Aptos is the next blockchain layer-1 after Solana to join the production of physical phones for users. However, the information about JamboPhone is still scarce and not widely promoted, while many parts are interested in JamboPhone to have the opportunity to receive airdrops from projects on Aptos, similar to the precedent of Saga before. After the success of Saga, Solana announced the development of a new generation crypto phone with a price of only 500 USD. With the initial name of Chapter 2, this smartphone has reached 100,000 early orders just after 1 month of announcement.

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