Another wave of Ether transfers connected to PlusToken Ponzi scheme scam

Nearly 790,000 ETH (789,533 ETH) – worth around $ 188 million for the time being – held in a cryptocurrency wallet linked to the PlusToken Ponzi scheme – has recently been reported to have made several transactions. first for a long time.

Nearly 790,000 ETH related to PlusToken Ponzi was transferred after half a year of silence

These two transactions have a total value of 789,533 ETH, readers can check here and here. The most recent transaction of this amount was on December 19 last year.

The transactions take place two days after a significant amount of EOS also held in the PlusToken wallet is moved. It is estimated that about $ 67 million in the form of EOS – corresponding to 26.3 million tokens – has been moved to a new address.

PlusToken, which is notorious for being on the list of the largest cryptocurrency-related scams in history. It was a Chinese based cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme, that was paraded as a legal cryptocurrency wallet to attract many cryptocurrency investors who were hoping to receive returns.

According to CextTrace’s analysis, the scam has cost users $ 2 billion. Officials in China are still in the process of accepting the case and trying to bring all of the project leaders to light while overcoming the consequences of the fraud.

In related developments, in February, more than $ 117 million of Bitcoin associated with the Ponzi scheme was transferred to two different addresses.

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