Another testnet “Zinken” planned for Ethereum 2.0, due to “Spadina” problem

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2.0) developers will bring another testnet, Zinken, up and running in the next few days. The cause was a problem with the testnet “Spadina” that launched yesterday.

“Spadina” aims to rehearse deposits and genesis, which are considered to be the most difficult and risky processes.

Core developer Danny Ryan revealed the issue of “Spadina” on Twitter. The cause is Spadina suffered long waits to block finality and low participation from Ethereum 2.0 clients, or parties that run nodes to validate transactions.

“Even though we expect moderately low participation on a short-lived non-incentivized testnet, small errors in the client release process great[ly] exacerbated this problem, resulting in ~1/3 participation in the first few epochs,” said Ryan. “In response to these issues, we’ll be hosting -at least- one more dress rehearsal — Zinken — prior to genesis.”

For ETH2.0, the final public testnet “Medalla” for Phase 0 is in operation. The quantity of the test token “Görli ETH” stakes by Medalla has exceeded 2 million, showing increasing expectations for ETH 2.0.

In “Phase 0” of ETH2.0, the current Ethereum network (ETH1.0) will not be completely migrated from PoW to PoS, and ETH1.0 will be implemented as the stage where ETH’s staking function (PoS) is implemented. Expected to operate in parallel with. The dApps developers on the existing network also say that no special action is required.

The full transition to PoS is scheduled for 2021, and it is said to fall under “Phase 1.5”, which is the implementation of the mainnet shard chain.

  • Phase 0: 2020 (Implementation of “Beacon Chain” to manage validators)
  • Phase 1: 2021 (implementation of “shard chain” used by users)
  • Phase 1.5: 2021 (shard chain mainnet operation, PoS transition)
  • Phase 2: 2021 ~ (Full operation of shard chain)

The Zinken testnet is expected to run “in a week and a half,” said Ryan.

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