Another large portion of Shiba Inu has been burnt, while an even bigger amount is going to be destroyed in four days

In his recent tweet, Twitter account Shibburn wrote that in the last 24 hours, about 45 million coins had been removed from the initial Shiba Inu (SHIB) emissions. In the following hours, another 1.8 million tokens followed.

46.7 million Shiba Inu burned in over 24 hours, while burn pot of this company rises to 191 million SHIB

Meanwhile, the company’s SHIB incinerator is constantly growing, far exceeding the 191 million Shiba Inu, which will be destroyed live on YouTube on February 14.

The data shared by the Shibburn account shows that in the last 24 hours, the SHIB community destroyed a total of 44,938,070 tokens by sending them to a dead wallet and thus removing them from circulation. That amount of crypto was transferred in 17 transactions.

Then, within hours, another 1,883,210 SHIBs were burned in two transfers, according to the same source on Twitter who copied the information provided by etherscan, publishing it on its recently created website.

Cryptocurrency record label Bigger Entertainment, which sells SHIB-themed NFT merchandise and hosts regular SHIB burning parties, continues to increase its Shiba Inu burner for the party scheduled for February 14, Valentine’s day.

Today, the amount of SHIB that will be burned at that event constitutes 191,005,662 tokens. This amount grows incrementally as people listen to the playlist on the company’s website, play the game, and contribute by purchasing a $5 fire party subscription.

According to a recent tweet by the company’s owner, Steven Cooper, the company needs to raise another $6,000 to make the upcoming fire party the biggest one they’ve had. On December 26, the company deposited over 239.6 million SHIB into a dead wallet at the previously recorded event.

Overall, the company burned nearly a billion tokens after starting to help burn SHIB at the end of October.

According to a video recently published by Cooper on YouTube, Bigger Entertainment is working to increase its monthly SHIB burn rate to a whopping 1.3 tokens, worth around $10,000 at the SHIB exchange rate. /USD current.

The entrepreneur emphasized that they plan to do that using three tools: YouTube videos, playlists, and games. The two options that were previously available on the company’s website are now being rebuilt.

Cooper reminded the community that Bigger Entertainment isn’t the only team in the SHIB Army that burns tokens regularly, so the supply of Shiba Inu will gradually decrease to push up its price. Thanks to these efforts, many hope that the token can grow to $ 0.01 soon.

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