Anonymous large holders have transferred close to $1 billion worth of Ethereum

According to Whale Alert, in the past 24 hours, holders of large amounts of cryptocurrency, known as whales, have transferred 275,735 Ethereum (ETH), worth over $953 million in fiat.


Source: Whale Alert

Whales move $953 million in Ethereum, while price recovers to $3,500

Above is the entire ETH transaction in the past day, performed while the ETH price traded between $3,450 – $3,500.

The largest transfer of all among those was made four hours ago, transfer 114,705 ETH, equivalent to $403,414,324. This transaction is transferred from an anonymous wallet address to the FTX exchange. It is not out of the case that whales are about to release a large amount of ETH.


Source: Whale Alert

Of these, the second-biggest transaction of which was made over 17 hours ago, and it carried 95,230.13 ETH worth $322,833,800.


Source: Whale Alert

The third and fourth by size were transfers of 20,025 ETH and 18,622 ETH conducted between anonymous wallets.

Ethereum has demonstrated an increase from a low of $3,145 to a high of $3,663 earlier today. At the time of writing, the second-largest cryptocurrency is changing hands at $3,535 after briefly dropping to $3,356.

These transactions show that ETH is moving off centralized exchanges at a record rate. As AZCoin News reported, over $1 billion worth of ETH was withdrawn within 24 hours from centralized exchanges on September 16. The last time ETH’s exchange outflows exceeded $1 billion, Ethereum’s value skyrocketed within one month.

“The net amount of ETH leaving exchanges just hit a new record. Over $1.2B worth of ETH left centralized exchanges yesterday. Last time 1B+ left CEXs, Ethereum increased by 60% within 30 days”, IntoTheBlock tweeted.


Source: IntoTheBlock/Twitter

Ethereum is demonstrating a high correlation with the Nasdaq stock market index, suggesting that ETH comes with higher risks and higher rewards.

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