Anonymous crypto whales and major exchanges have wired a whopping 214,861 ETH

Over the past twenty hours, major crypto whales and leading digital exchanges have made about ten transfers, bringing in a total of $706 million worth of Ethereum.

$706 million in Ethereum transferred by anon whales and top crypto exchanges

In it, anonymous whales collectively transferred 214,861 ETH, participating in major crypto exchanges, such as Gemini, Binance, Kucoin. The largest transfers here carry from 51,300 ETH to 42,859 ETH ($169,000,000 and $146,000,000).


Source: Whale Alert

At the time of writing, ETH is sitting at $3,309. Earlier this week, it managed to recover the $3,000 level. As AZCoin News reported, the founder and CEO of 1confirmation venture fund backed by billionaire investors like Mark Cuban and Peter Thiel, Nick Tamaino, shared that in Q3 2021, more than $1.35 billion (409,764 ETH) was burned.

The Ethereum burning mechanism was introduced with the London hardfork released on August 5 of this year, helping it become a deflationary cryptocurrency.

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