Ankr Unveils Game-Changing Rollup-as-a-Service for zkSync: Empowering Hyperchain Creation

Ankr, a leading infrastructure provider in the Web3 space, has just unveiled its second Rollup as a Service (RaaS) offering for zkSync, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of decentralized applications (dApps). The newly launched service empowers enterprises and developers to swiftly create and deploy independent hyperchains for their dApps, leveraging the unique scaling and security advantages of zero-knowledge rollups.

At its core, Ankr’s Rollup-as-a-Service for ZK Stack Chains enables clients to establish their own ZK Stack-enabled layer 2 blockchains dedicated solely to their specific transactional needs. As of now, Ankr boasts full functionality to deploy ZK Hyperchains in a testnet environment.

The collaboration between Ankr and Matter Labs, the entity behind zkSync, has been pivotal in integrating RaaS to support ecosystem projects. This collaboration ensures a seamless deployment of hyperchains for prospective customers once zkSync introduces hyperbridges and validium mode.

Ankr’s suite of RaaS features aims to simplify the process for developers, providing a comprehensive solution that covers various aspects:

  • Blockchain Engineering: Offering end-to-end engineering services, Ankr tailors rollups to client specifications, including consensus mechanisms, programming languages, throughput, and gas fees.
  • Rollup Infrastructure: Ankr manages the underlying node infrastructure crucial for running a rollup, encompassing full nodes, validators, sequencers, and aggregators.
  • Development Tools: The platform furnishes developers with a range of tools and frameworks, such as SDKs, to facilitate rollup creation.
  • Security and Auditing: Ankr assists in securing rollups and advises on third-party security audits to ensure robustness.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous support services encompass troubleshooting, performance optimization, and sustained node operations.

Kev Silk, Sr. PM of Ankr RaaS, highlights the potential of ZK Stack’s Hyperchains, touting their scalability, security features, and the ease of customization and deployment through Ankr’s RaaS. Marco Cora, SVP of Business and Operations at Matter Labs, praises Ankr’s role in reducing development time and speeding up the deployment of hyperchains, allowing teams to concentrate on their unique use cases enabled through ZK Stack.

This launch is part of Ankr’s broader Scaling Services suite, which already includes the capability to launch custom sidechains across various blockchain ecosystems. The expansion of scaling solutions, particularly catering to Ethereum’s security and token model, responds to the industry’s growing demand for highly scalable projects.

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