Ankr Selected as Main RPC Provider for Chiliz Chain, Boosting Web3 Innovation in Sports

Ankr, a trusted provider for renowned blockchains like Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon, is set to become the main RPC (remote procedure call) provider on Chiliz Chain, according to an announcement made by Chiliz on June 1st, 2023. The RPC is a crucial computer program that establishes connections between blockchain applications, decentralized applications (dApps), centralized exchanges, and crypto wallets to blockchains.

Chiliz Chain, a Layer-1 blockchain compatible with EMV (Ethereum Virtual Machine), operates on a Proof-of-Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism. It was specifically designed to provide the necessary infrastructure for sports brands to develop Web3 products and services. Chiliz, the leading blockchain provider for the global sports industry, is recognized for its groundbreaking work on Socios.com and the Fan Token ecosystem. This ecosystem, which boasts over 2 million wallets and partnerships with more than 150 major sports entities, facilitates direct engagement between sports teams and their worldwide fan bases.

Ankr’s selection as the main RPC provider for Chiliz Chain is a significant development. Ankr’s RPC solution is highly regarded and has already gained the trust of several leading blockchains. By leveraging Ankr’s best-in-class RPC technology, Chiliz Chain aims to enable fast and reliable access between blockchain applications and its own Layer-1 blockchain for sports-related activities.

This partnership between Chiliz and Ankr originated in February 2022 when Ankr was chosen to lead the development of Chiliz Chain. Additionally, Ankr will now serve as a Node Validator on Chiliz Chain, operating two validator nodes, with the second node acting as a backup.

Chiliz Chain, as an interoperable ecosystem, will feature 11 active PoSA node validators, including reputable figures from the blockchain industry and eventually leading sports organizations. These validators will be responsible for verifying the projects that form the foundation of Web3 applications in the sports sector. The presence of Ankr alongside Jump Crypto, Paribu, and Meria as the first four announced validators underscores the caliber of entities supporting Chiliz Chain.

The collaboration between Chiliz and Ankr aims to foster innovation and bring fans and communities closer to the teams and brands they love. This objective will be achieved through Chiliz Labs, a $50 million accelerator and incubator backed by Jump Crypto. Chiliz Labs is dedicated to supporting early-stage sports-focused blockchain projects interested in building on Chiliz Chain. In the coming months, a range of Web3 sports initiatives, including Web3 games, digital collectibles, NFT ticketing, community platforms, social gaming, and AI applications, will be unveiled.

To further promote the development of Web3 sports, Chiliz plans to organize Chiliz Chain hackathon tournaments in major stadiums and sports arenas worldwide. These hackathons will provide developers with the opportunity to showcase their talents and contribute to the future of Web3 sports. More details about the Chiliz Chain hackathons are expected to be announced soon.

All fees associated with Chiliz Chain will be paid using Chiliz’s native token, CHZ. CHZ holders will have the chance to actively participate in the ecosystem’s development and receive rewards by utilizing their CHZ tokens on the chain.

Chandler Song, CEO of Ankr, expressed excitement about the continued collaboration with Chiliz, highlighting their commitment to delivering an exceptional Web3 experience for sports fans worldwide. With seamless connections to Chiliz Chain facilitated by Ankr’s technology, developers can create next-generation sports applications that effectively demonstrate the unique benefits of blockchain and digital assets.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, emphasized the world-class ecosystem and infrastructure that Chiliz Chain offers for brands and teams to revolutionize fan interactions in sports. Dreyfus expressed pride in deepening the strategic relationship with Ankr, underscoring the importance of securing a reliable and top-tier Main RPC provider to ensure optimal operation of the Chain. This commitment aligns with Chiliz’s dedication to providing the best possible environment for developers to innovate and build within the Chiliz Chain ecosystem.

Chiliz has gained recognition as the creator of Fan Tokens and the Socios.com app, a leading platform for fan engagement and rewards. Fan Tokens are digital utility tokens that grant fans access to active communities on the Socios.com app, allowing them to connect with their favorite teams and earn exclusive rewards.

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