Analysts Warn of FOMO for Three Altcoins with High Price Volatility

Analysts from the crypto analytics firm Santiment have issued a FOMO warning for some altcoins in their statement.

According to the statement of the analytics firm, Chainlink (LINK) increased by 34%, Immutable X (IMX) increased by 23% and Pyth Network (PYTH) increased by 26% in the last week.

The analysts said that the community is currently discussing these altcoins a lot and FOMO was observed.

The analysts of Santiment warned of high volatility for these cryptocurrencies, especially due to FOMO. Chainlink (+34%), ImmutableX (+23%), and Pyth (+26%) have all enjoyed impressive market cap growth in the past week. The mainstream crowd is discussing them at high rates, meaning FOMO should lead to high volatility for these particular assets. However, NeuroInvest Research, another crypto analyst of Santiment, mentioned Chainlink in his statement.

Source: Santiment

Chainlink recently had a remarkable increase. The price of LINK increased by 29% in the last seven days. In the latest altcoin price increase wave, Solana along with LINK led the increase.

In his statement, NeuroInvest Research said that as the price of LINK increased, the amount of LINK held also increased, which could reflect positively on the price.

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