An effective way to protect against theft of cryptocurrency with mixer

The owner of the crypto wallet is anonymous, but this anonymity is nominal, since all transactions are visible on the blockchain, the absolute transparency of which is the basis of a significant part of the trust in cryptocurrency. When a user buys something from the owner of the product, where you need to specify information, for example, about the place of delivery or about the client himself, it turns out that it is worth buying something once and you can then identify the owner of the crypto wallet, trace all his transactions, find out what was bought, to which addresses the transfers were made and, as a result, to whom the user sent money and from whom he received it.

In addition, the user of the cryptocurrency can be identified as the owner of the device from which the application is launched, and further along the chain of transactions, since the wallet application is launched not in a cosmic vacuum, but in some kind of execution environment that is also identifiable and can allow the analyzer to track down the real the identity of the owner of the Bitcoin address.

What can help secure cryptocurrency

Anonymity is not guaranteed when using Bitcoin. But by taking action, you can make it harder to disclose your identity. Of course, the very use of cryptocurrency will also become a little more complicated and some services may become unacceptable. It all depends on what you are willing to sacrifice. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is not an anonymous crypto, there are special services to preserve the anonymity of transactions – cryptocurrency mixing services.

Bitcoin mixer operation scheme is quite simple and can be understood in principle by everyone without much detail. To anonymize your digital coin transfer, you need to make a deposit to the specified Bitcoin wallet, after which your transaction is split into smaller parts and then mixed with coins from other addresses from Bitcoin mixer pool or other users. As a result, you get cleared coins without traces of your previous transactions.

However, one should not forget that blockchain analytical services also do not stand still and are constantly improving and unraveling the chains of mixed transactions ever better. So if you need the privacy of your money transfers in the crypt, then it is better to stop relying on the Bitcoin anonymity and unreliable crypto mixing services.

Trust only verified mixing services

BitMix.Biz as a Bitcoin mixer has been successfully operating for several years and provides the ability to use a number of options to get the expected result from mixing cryptocurrency. It has the largest pool of coins that participate in the mixing process and provide instant order execution for clearing the crypto, even mixing large amounts of digital coins.

Working with the BitMix.Biz cryptocurrency mixer is as simple as just sending coins to another wallet, considering that you can use one of 10 interface languages. You must enter the address to which the mixed Bitcoins will be credited, select a commission level between 0.4% and 4% and click “Start Mixing”.

Then the address appears to which you need to send Bitcoins. The address is valid for 24 hours, transactions after this time will be invalid and will not be processed, as indicated in the letter of guarantee that you will receive immediately. This letter will serve as a guarantee that in case of any problems, you can confirm that you have sent coins to the Bitcoin mixer and can solve the problem.

Then send Bitcoins and wait for execution. The service team guarantees instant processing of the transaction, the duration of which will depend only on the speed of the Bitcoin network. All participants in the session can send coins and receive in response the corresponding number of other coins. This process destroys traces of coin ownership – neither spies nor other session participants can determine who paid whom and to whom.

Use the TOR network for more security, where you will find a mirror of the BitMix.Biz cryptocurrency mixer. It is also recommended to use browsers without JavaScript and Clearnet.

In addition to directly clearing your digital assets from information about previous transactions, you can make money on attracting new users to the service, getting a percentage of the transactions of each of them. An API key is also available that you can use on your site.



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