Altcoin Buzz: Harmony (ONE) Price Prediction for July 2021

In the recent video, the popular crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares their prediction for Harmony (ONE) for the upcoming July 2021.

Harmony (ONE) Overview

Harmony’s open, decentralized network is enabled through the use of the native protocol token – Harmony ONE.

The token incentivizes and rewards a variety of participants including developers, validators/stakers, investors, and community members who develop, secure and govern the network. In order to use the network, users pay a small transaction fee denominated in the native Harmony token.

As Altcoin Buzz says, Harmony’s scalable, high-throughput protocol is powered by a native token which is used for various forms of payment and participation in the protocol (staking, transaction fees, voting & governance).

“Harmony uses blockchain to align incentives of different stakeholders, developers and businesses while allowing them to build open marketplaces of fungible and non-fungible tokens and assets”.

Furthermore, the upcoming application of zero-knowledge proofs will allow Harmony to become a data-sharing platform that can overcome the conflicting problem plaguing many information and data markets: that individual market participants’ have mutual distrust to share data but a strong desire to acquire data themselves.

ONE Price Prediction


At the time of the video, ONE is currently trading above the support of $0.0503.

According to the analyst, as long as it can stay above this zone, we could start seeing a move towards $0.0726, $0.0975 and $0.1190. If it can flip $0.1190 to support, we could start seeing a move towards $0.1460, $0.1685, $0.2007 and $0.2416.

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