Almost 138 mln XRP has been wired by Ripple while Binance transferred around 19 mln XRP to Ripple’s RL18-VN wallet

According to XRPL Monitor, nearly 138 million XRP has been transferred by Ripple in the past twenty hours, and Binance has sent 19 million XRP to Ripple.

Ripple transfers close to 138 million XRP for unknown reasons

In total, Ripple has sent a sizable amount of money, totaling nearly 137.7 million XRP – or $ 34,048,748. It is known that Ripple circulates this money among its addresses – the RL18 -VN wallet, which is believed to be one of the company’s alternative escrow addresses.


Besides, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency heavyweight also transferred 10 million to Bitstamp – its European ODL corridor.

During the same period, Binance traded 19 million XRP for Ripple. This is not the first time that Binance has transferred a large amount of XRP to Ripple. However, it is still unclear why Binance switched to the giant DLT.

Besides, Binance transferred 26 million XRP internally and received 15 million XRP from Bitstamp and 11 million XRP from OKEx.

Elsewhere, South Korea’s largest exchange, Bithumb, is believed to be one end of the Ripple ODL corridor linking Japan and South Korea. On the other end of it is Bitbank of the Japanese platform.

According to data from XRPL Monitor, Bithumb transferred 58 million XRP, or $ 14,520,560.

88 million XRP stolen by PlusToken remain, 32 million sent to HBTC

CEO and founder of XRPlorer, Thomas Silkjær, has taken to Twitter to share some recent data about the millions of XRP stolen by the PlusToken scammers along with mammoth-sized amounts of other cryptos from trusting investors. Almost ninety million out of the “close to 300 million” XRP remain scattered around sixteen addresses, with around one-third of it wired to the HBTC exchange recently.

According to XRPlorer, 88 mln XRP ($24,089,150) left over from the 485 mln XRP ($133,389,050) stolen by scammers now remains in sixteen wallets.

Close to 300 mln XRP was withdrawn from that amount in June-July 2020: $82,122,103. A total of 32 million XRP ($8,782,581) have been transferred to the HBTC exchange to cash out over the past fourteen days, Silkjær said in his Twitter post.

However, it is not yet clear whether that mammoth-sized amount was sent to the exchange by the scammers or if it is law enforcement agents already cashing out the seized funds.

In a tweet on Aug. 18, Silkjær wrote that 12 mln XRP were moved to crypto trading platforms, and 120 mln XRP remained in the shuffled pool to shuffle the coins and make them harder to track.

An exchange whose name was not mentioned in the tweet stated that the 12 mln XRP was sent to it by a law enforcement agency.

Between 2018 and 2019, the PlusToken scam managed to collect around $3 bln in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, XRP, ETH, USDT, OMG) and disappeared in the end.

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