Aleo to Launch Mainnet in July 2023, Allowing Developers to Deploy Leo Applications

The ZK L1 project Aleo has announced its commitment to launching its mainnet in July 2023. This move will enable developers to deploy Leo applications to the Aleo network, marking the first time this has been possible in the ZK field. The company has also revealed that it will be announcing further details on on-chain incentives for Phase 3 of Testnet 3 in the coming weeks.

Aleo recently concluded the second phase of Testnet 3, which focused on prover incentives to generate zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). The aim was to enable users to send/receive assets or interact with applications built on the Aleo network. During the eight-week period, over 44,000 Provers from over 94 countries connected to the network. The coinbase_target peaked at around 750 million Proofs Per Second (PPS), making Aleo the first zkVM & layer-1 protocol to achieve such numbers across any blockchain network.

A core design goal of Aleo is a fully permission-less and censorship-resistant architecture. Provers play a crucial role in achieving this. Although they do not directly participate in block production like validators, they help to ensure a broader distribution of Aleo credits, and enable user choice for proof generation. Testnet 3 Phase II demonstrated that this is possible, with a significant number of proving pools contributing to generating proofs on the network. This helped make proving more accessible and fairly distributed, unlike the consolidation of mining witnessed during Testnet 2.

Aleo’s primary focus remains the launch of the mainnet in July 2023. In pursuit of this goal, the company recently released Deploy & Execute on Testnet 3. Developers can now deploy a Leo application on the Aleo network, a first-of-its-kind accomplishment in the ZK space. Aleo has fulfilled the ultimate promise of creating a zero-knowledge execution environment as initially envisioned in the ZEXE research paper.

In the coming weeks, Aleo will announce details for Testnet 3 Phase III on-chain incentives. Some of these will incorporate the functionality associated with the release of Deploy & Execute, enabling application developers to write and deploy applications, validators to validate blocks and stake Aleo Credits, and provers to generate PoSW coinbase puzzles.

Aleo plans to launch additional milestones throughout Testnet 3 Phase III, including launching its consensus mechanism (AleoBFT) and enabling staking, adding Marlin Batch Proving to snarkVM to increase transaction throughput, and supporting multi-execution transaction types for snarkVM and Leo to enable more efficient inter-program calls.

Incentive rewards for Testnet 3 Phase II will be calculated and awarded to participants according to the criteria outlined in the Testnet 3 Incentives Kickoff blog post. Eligible participants will need to go through a KYC/AML process and pass OFAC screening to claim their rewards.

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