AI Predicted Ethereum (ETH) Price At The End Of March 2023

Ethereum price is predicted to trade for $1,529 by March 31 by the machine learning algorithms at the cryptocurrency tracking website PricePredictions.


Ethereum 30-day price prediction | Source: PricePredictions

The platform’s algorithms predict that, in comparison to its price at the time of publication, the price of Ethereum will fall by 2.39% by the end of the third month of 2023 based on the aforementioned reasons.

The oscillators at 3 and the moving averages at 10 indicate that the sentiment on the 1-day gauges gathered from the financial and cryptocurrency tracking website TradingView is usually bearish for Ethereum, indicating a “sell” at 13.


Ethereum 1-day sentiment gauges | Source: TradingView

As with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum is currently under intense selling pressure due to several unfavorable news stories. As a result, its price has dropped to $1,572 as of press time, falling 4.56% on the day, adding to its overall losses of 5.18% over the past week and 1.28% on its monthly chart.


ETH/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

It will mostly depend on subsequent developments inside the Ethereum ecosystem, such as the Shanghai upgrade that permits investors to withdraw their staked ETH, whether Ethereum can hold above the $1,500 support level or perhaps shatter the resistance at $1,700.

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