After PlusToken, is the DeFi crypto fraud project Pangu targeting gullible older women?

It was thought that PlusToken or similar scam projects could no longer appear, but no, people were still quite interested in these projects. In China, a rather older woman appeared to be promoting the Pangu project – one of the most notorious cryptocurrency scam projects.

After PlusToken, is the Pangu scam project targeting gullible older women?

So far, the world’s largest cryptocurrency fraud project, PlusToken, has ended in China. But, the humor comes from a different story.

Recently, another real and hilarious video is popular on Chinese social networks these days. An older woman is promoting the Pangu crypto scam project with her friends. According to her, this project is likened to a God that created the world.

Not much is known about Pangu as of now, but it looks like the project has a different means of communication, targeting the less knowledgeable elderly.

Elsewhere, Plustoken has attracted more than 310,000 BTC and 9.17 million ETH from rural areas and small cities in China, largely because Chinese society has amassed enormous wealth. since the reforms. However, their knowledge is still very little and easy to deceive.

As unemployment increases due to the epidemic, more and more people are joining scam organizations, and the Chinese government is also suppressing the problem.

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