Adult entertainment website Pornhub has added XRP, BNB, USDC, and DOGE to its payment options

Pornhub, one of the largest adult pornographic content providers online has added XRP, BNB, USDC, and DOGE to its list of supported crypto payment options. Pornhub has removed Dash and PumaPay, which were supported as of December.

Back in 2019, Paypal, the largest online payment system, also blocked Pornhub, which pushed the platform to accept a wide variety of digital currencies as payment options.

In December 2020, Visa and Mastercard announced that they would be cutting ties with Pornhub amid several allegations about the platform allowing illegal videos to be uploaded. Mastercard was the first to drop Pornhub, followed by Visa.

Pornhub currently accepts over 16 different cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and others.

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