Adidas Steps into the Metaverse with New ALTS Collection

Adidas, the global fashion brand, has recently introduced its newest collection called “ALTS.” The collection is designed as a Dynamic NFT, allowing for changes in attributes such as images and prices based on the level of investor interaction.

The ALTS collection has a total of three chapters, and if collectors make it to the end of Chapter 3, they will receive a “PFP.” The collection will include eight types of ALT corresponding to different levels of rarity.

The new collection will provide owners with a range of utilities, including intellectual property (IP) ownership rights over their NFTs, access to exclusive “virtual” devices, and the ability to participate in community meetings.

Adidas first launched Into The Metaverse in December 2021, with collaborations with major players in the industry such as NFT gmoney, PUNKS Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. The project allows NFT holders to receive their ERC-1155 in the following stages.

At the time of writing, the Into the Metaverse collection has a floor price of 0.76 ETH with a trading volume of 48,795 ETH since its launch. The ALTS collection of Adidas has a floor price of 0.759 ETH, and the trading volume to date is 400 ETH.

Adidas is known for its innovative designs and collaborations, and the ALTS collection continues to push boundaries in the NFT space. The use of Dynamic NFTs and the ability to adjust attributes based on investor interaction is a unique feature that sets this collection apart from others. With the introduction of ALTS, Adidas aims to provide collectors with a diverse range of benefits that extend beyond traditional NFT ownership.

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