Access Protocol Grants 100,000 ACS Tokens to Saga Phone Owner

In a recent announcement on December 19th, Access Protocol has unveiled its plan to award 100,000 ACS tokens, approximately valued at 250 USD, to each owner of the Saga smartphone. This initiative follows the footsteps of Bonk, a memecoin project that indirectly propelled the sales of this particular phone model. Last week, Bonk caused ripples in the crypto community by conducting a substantial airdrop specifically targeted at the owners of Saga phones on the Solana network. Each Saga phone, initially priced at 599 USD, was accompanied by 30 million BONK tokens, valued at over 700 USD during the airdrop’s inception.

The consequential impact of this event has driven the price of Saga phones to unprecedented levels, depleting the entire inventory of Solana Mobile. Prices for a single phone on eBay have soared to as high as 5,000 USD.

However, the current value of BONK has plummeted by more than 30%, diminishing the once lucrative nature of the BONK airdrop. Now, various projects are aiming to continue this narrative, with Access Protocol being one of the prominent players entering the scene.

ACS tokens offer users the option to either sell them immediately or utilize them for transactions and staking within the protocol to generate profits. The trading volume of ACS reached an impressive 16 million USD within the past 24 hours, with selling pressure continuing to dominate, exerting downward pressure on token prices. ACS has also experienced a significant decline following its airdrop distribution.

The dynamics of this unfolding saga in the crypto world underscore the volatile nature of meme-based cryptocurrencies and their influence on hardware sales, as well as the subsequent aftershocks on token values. As projects vie to seize the attention of Saga phone owners, the repercussions on token economies serve as a stark reminder of the ever-evolving landscape within the digital asset space.

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