Acala Network Reports Another Exploit on their tDOT Asset: Attacker Nets $106k USD

An exploit on the Acala Network’s tDOT asset has been reported by a professional security threat analyst known as 0xTaysama. The exploit was carried out by an attacker from NUTS Finance who minted tDOT and then swapped it for approximately 18k DOT, which is equivalent to $106k USD at the current market rate.

The security analyst shared this information on Twitter, along with a screenshot of the wild circulating supply of tDOT. 0xTaysama also shared the attacker’s account information on the Acala Network’s Subscan, indicating that the team was made aware of the attack about six and a half hours prior to the tweet.

Although the Acala Network team has created a proposal to pause StableAsset swaps, they have not paused the chain or blocked transfers as far as 0xTaysama can see. However, the security analyst remains hopeful that the team will take appropriate actions to repair the situation using governance actions.

There is a silver lining to this attack, as the attacker has not exfiltrated the DOT from the Acala Network. Fingers are crossed that this could be a white-hack and the attacker will return the funds to the team, or the team will execute a force transfer to restore the chain state prior to the hack.

The cryptocurrency industry has always been prone to cyberattacks and exploits, and this latest incident serves as a reminder that security measures must be in place to protect user funds. It remains to be seen how the Acala Network team will respond to this attack, and the industry will be watching closely to see how this unfolds.

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