A Vietnamese YouTuber accused Johnny Dang, founder of Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ), of scamming $1.5 million

The Vietnamese crypto community is receiving dramas from Youtuber Khoa Pug and the largest celebrity jeweler, Johnny Dang, aka the King of Bling. In turn, each person posted a video revealing the shocking details of this incident. Most notably, Khoa Pug shared why he had to speak up about his new friend after a long time of silence. And the most shocking is his nearly 1-hour long video today.


Youtuber Khoa Pug

The drama between Johnny Dang and Vietnamese Youtuber

After a shocking evening with a hidden status about a character who cheated on him for almost $1.5 million, Khoa Pug suddenly released a new vlog that made everyone completely identify the person Khoa Pug mentioned as Johnny Dang. Accordingly, he was threatened by Johnny Dang after disagreeing in a case related to Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ) investment.

At the same time, the vlogger also revealed a shocking detail, claiming that the largest celebrity jeweler threatened life safety. Besides, he also said that Johnny Dang had appropriated an exact amount of $1.5 million. In the comments section of YouTube, the male vlogger also closed with a sentence that made fans worried, thinking that there might be bad luck after posting this video.

Khoa Pug even revealed that Johnny Dang did not create DBZ but only received ads. And this diamond king could not advertise, so he borrowed Khoa’s hand, and thanks to that, this coin reached its peak.

After this video, not only is the friendship of the two people going downhill, but the price of Johnny Dang’s DBZ is also showing signs of going up. Before that, in the trading sessions, DBZ also dropped continuously, but after Khoa Pug spoke, it fell as dramatically as now.


DBZ price | Source: CoinMarketCap

Compared to the peak of $0.145 set on the evening of September 28, the DBZ price has dropped to only $0.01951, down 7.5x. The deep drop in price made many investors in DBZ disillusioned, and many said they were waiting to swim to shore. Even according to data from CoinMarketCap, the digital currency of diamond king Johnny Dang has set a new bottom at $0.0176 at 11:39 p.m. on November 30. This price movement took place while Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang continuously made offensive statements on social networks.

In the DBZ investor group, many participants still expressed their confidence in the token of the diamond king… But we don’t know how long they will continue to believe…

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