A possible Satoshi Nakamoto has been sentenced to 25 years in prison

Paul Le Roux, a former suspect, Satoshi Nakamoto, was sentenced to 25 years in prison by Manhattan Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams. Detained in the United States for nearly eight years, he pleaded guilty from trading methamphetamine to selling arms technology to Iran.

A possible Satoshi Nakamoto to start Bitcoin Mining business after prison time

In a letter sent to the judge prior to his sentencing, Le Roux revealed his future plans:

“If I am released by this court, and by the court in the Philippines. I plan to start a business selling and hosting Bitcoin miners.”

Judge Abrahms said:

“The scope and severity of Mr. Le Roux’s criminal conduct is nothing short of breathtaking. I have before me a man who has engaged in conduct in keeping with the villain in a James Bond movie.”

Le Roux added:

“These optimizations have allowed me to create an ASIC chip design, and therefore ASIC miners, that have an order of magnitude faster at bitcoin mining than any current design, to this end I plan to pub my knowledge and skills to better and legal use.”


Paul Le Roux and his first known passport | Source: The Australian

Around 2004, he started an online US pharmaceutical business Rx Limited, and that’s what caught his attention on federal agents. He was arrested in a sting operation orchestrated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 2012. His online pharmacy was a global criminal empire, trafficking in drugs, arms, and violence.

Le Roux admitted to ordering at least seven murders in the Philippines, including the abduction and execution of a real estate agent named Catherine Lee, the publication noted. After his release, he is expected to be deported to the Philippines, where he faces charges related to a shipment of weapons blocked by the government in 2009.

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