A new job opening at Ripple is placing a spotlight on efforts to scale its XRP-based payment products across the world

It seems that Ripple is trying to expand the scale of XRP-based payment products around the world because they are recruiting a large number of employees at the San Francisco startup.

A new job opening at Ripple is placing a spotlight on the San Francisco startup’s

Ripple outlines plan to enter new territories and develop proprietary tools to track market movements and liquidity.

In a new listing, the San Francisco startup stated:

“Ripple is growing, and we are looking for a Quantitative Developer to help build tools to monitor market activity and liquidity for XRP as we scale our payment products in new markets around the world.”

Successful candidates will work with the company’s institutional market team to leverage data and a deep understanding of both the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. The person is also expected to work with the San Francisco startup engineers and data scientists to develop a well-known data system.

The position will be based on Ripple’s New York office and will require developers to build analytical tools and applications to review market risk, track liquidity metrics, and track price actions in real-time.

Earlier this month, the successful vice president of customer Ripple Marcus Treacher confirmed that the XRP-based remittance platform with on-demand liquidity exists in Europe.

In a Bequant interview, Treacher talks about what the future holds for Ripple and confirms the XRP-powered payment system is life in Europe.

“We have established On-Demand Liquidity corridors into Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, and Europe, and we’re hoping to further this expansion by opening corridors to APAC and EMEA this year.”

Ripple executives also said the company plans to expand the platform and serve more corridors in Asia this year.

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