A new entry on Mark Scott’s OneCoin case docket suggests he might be facing new charges

According to the progress in Mark Scott’s OneCoin lawsuit, he could face new allegations. On March 2, DOJ submitted a testimonial letter to the court.


One of the defendants in a lawsuit targeting individuals involved in the fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme OneCoin – Mark Scott

Mark Scott facing new OneCoin charges?

In the letter, DOJ requested to postpone the change of advocacy control date in this matter, which is currently scheduled for Thursday, March 5, 2020. The parties continue to have ongoing discussions about a pre-trial disposition but have not yet reached an agreement.

According to previous criminal charges, Mark Scott was tried and convicted in 2019. Since February 20, Scott is expected to be sentenced on May 26, 2020. Besides, Scott will have an upcoming bond hearing. The hearing was initially scheduled for March 6. It was then rescheduled for March 10.

However, by order of March 3, the hearing will be held on March 12. Therefore, AZCoin News is also unclear what the proposed changes to Scott’s guarantee terms are. We are also unaware of the upcoming hearing or related allegations.

According to Scott’s case file, the previously scheduled March 5 plea hearing was rescheduled on April 9.

Besides, according to the updated March 2 notebook entry to reflect the change of plea control regarding David Pike. Pike has a separate court notebook, so it’s not clear why the items in his case appear on Scott’s notebooks.

In any case, it is worth mentioning that Pike will not argue about the charges against him. The March 10 bond hearing is related to Scott, and we still don’t know the details behind that. Stay tuned to AZCoin News for more information on upcoming hearings!

OneCoin victims drop complaint against two defendants in US lawsuit

On February 28, 2020, the plaintiffs filed a notice of voluntary dismissal as to defendants Irina Andreeva Dilinska and Sebastian Greenwood. Victims of OneCoin who are suing the fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme and several individuals linked to it have decided to drop their claims against two of the defendants in the lawsuit brought at the New York Southern District Court.

Irina Andreeva Dilinska was the head of compliance and legal at OneCoin. She acts as a senior executive, promoter, and spokesperson for OneCoin on all matters relating to investigations into OneCoin’s operations by various countries and enforcement bodies throughout her tenure. Besides, Dilinska serves on the board along with Mark Scott of at least two investment funds used to launder proceeds from the OneCoin investment program.

Sebastian Greenwood is the co-founder of OneCoin, an employer for OneCoin investment programs, and has invited hundreds of OneCoin investors in the United States. Greenwood, along with Ruja Ignatova, previously created BigCoin in early 2014, the precursor of OneCoin.

In their notice of dismissal filed with the Court on February 28, 2020, the plaintiffs state that this action should be dismissed without prejudice against Greenwood and Dilinska.

The Notice of Voluntary Dismissal is not intended to have any effect on any claims asserted by any other parties to this litigation, or the defenses to those claims. Likewise, the dismissal of the plaintiffs’ claims without prejudice as to Greenwood and Dilinska will have no impact or effect on the ability of any plaintiff or putative class member to file a complaint asserting any claims against Greenwood or Dilinska in the future; as neither Greenwood nor Dilinska have filed an answer or a motion for summary judgment in response to the allegations lodged against them in this action.

As AZCoin News reported, the plaintiffs, in this case, represent all individuals and organizations that have transferred to the OneCoin defendants, directly or indirectly, any currency or cryptocurrency to start. Investments in OneCoin Trader Packages or OneCoins from April 2014 to and March 2018 and who suffer financial losses as a result.

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