A 26-year-old cryptocurrency miner from Thailand electrocuted to death by his homemade mining rig

Danai Makmek, a 26-year-old cryptocurrency miner from Thailand, died while trying to fire up his homemade hard drive to obtain more cryptocurrency, the Pattaya News reported.


Danai Makmek fears he would lose out on precious mining time so couldn’t wait a day to take his devices to a technician to get them fixed

An attempt to fix a mining rig has killed a 26-year-old cryptocurrency miner from Thailand

After noticing that his device was cut off and wouldn’t turn back on while mining Bitcoin, Makmek was worried about losing his valuable Bitcoin if he had to wait a day for repair, so he tried to do it himself.

In fact, he asked his brother, who introduced himself as Apiwat Makmek, to help fix the electrical leak. Apiwat agreed to go to a technician but the guy was scheduled to come the next morning. And Apiwat went to sleep.

The mining system being used is said to be capable of making thousands of dollars in Bitcoin per week, so due to fears, he is afraid of losing out on precious mining time. And that is the cause of this sad story.

Danai is believed to have been killed after the Bitcoin mining computer exploded and electrocuted him on July 20. Danai’s shirtless body and wearing a pair of blue shorts while slumped over his machine was discovered by a mechanic who came to his house to stop electrical leakage. Footage from his room shows the tangled cables and hard drives that Danai used to mine the cryptocurrency.


This image from Danai’s room shows the tangled mess of cables and drives

The miner is presumed dead after emergency medical services tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. Police also attended the scene.

“I warned him but he could not wait. I think he panicked and stayed up for the whole night trying to fix it. The computer was modified to give it more power. I do not think it was safe but my brother had built it himself for Bitcoin mining, which he really liked,” his devastated brother said.

Police Colonel Santi Shoosheud said there were no signs of forced entry into the man’s room and had no suspicious injuries. They believe Danai was electrocuted.


Police still investigating the circumstances into Danai’s death but believe he was electrocuted

He said: “We believe he attempted to fix the broken machine on his own and was electrocuted. We are still investigating the case but there was no forced entry nor suspicious injuries found so far.”

The body of Danai will be taken to a local temple for ceremonial and religious rites before being cremated, according to Apiwat.

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