A 24-year-old male had been defrauded out of $11,000 for a Bitcoin scam

Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) is warning the public about a Bitcoin scam. Specifically, on June 2, a 24-year-old local man was scammed out of $ 11,000.


A local 24-year-old man has been scammed out of $ 11,000 for Bitcoin scam

The investigation determined the male received a phone call from an unknown number and the caller advised he was under investigation for money laundering. The caller instructed him to take money out of his account and deposit it into a safe, bitcoin account using a Bitcoin ATM located along with400 blocks of Stafford Drive North. The victim was instructed that in the following day’s police officers would meet with him and provide a cheque for the full amount if it was proven he was not involved in any illegal activity.

The media release from LPS stated:

“The caller instructed him to take money out of his account and deposit it into a safe bitcoin account using a bitcoin ATM located along with the 400 blocks of Stafford Drive North.”

When the man went to the Bitcoin machine, he noticed that several other people were also in line:

“Shortly after making his deposit, Brinks employees arrived on the scene, and upon hearing the conversations of the people in line, instructed them to hang up as they were being scammed.”

Police are asking the public to be wary of phone calls from anyone claiming to represent law enforcement, the Canada Revenue Agency, or other government agencies claiming that you are under investigation or owe money.

This is especially important if the caller is demanding payment in the form of bitcoin transfer, gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, or wire transfers.

“These tactics are not used by police or for tax collection purposes. Do not provide any personal information or funds and do not return calls to any number the caller provides. To confirm the legitimacy of a call, contact the agency the caller claims to represent directly.”

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