A 17-year-old investor claims he became a millionaire from JUP

The airdrop and listing of Jupiter, a project built on Solana, was eagerly awaited for a long time, and finally took place on Wednesday, January 31.

JUP, which was listed on several exchanges such as Binance, rose to $2 after the airdrop.

However, JUP experienced a massive sell-off afterwards, dropping to around $0.60, with a decline of about 70%.

While the investors who received the airdrop were selling, a 17-year-old investor claimed that he was a millionaire.

At this point, the 17-year-old investor shared his JUP strategy in a 12-minute video and announced that he had earned $1 million from the JUP airdrop. “I am actively focusing on using all the tools of Jupiter. It’s all about being smart when you make your moves on the platform.

I invested time and resources into this before earning $1 million from the airdrop.

I use all five aspects of Jupiter every morning. Increasing the high allocation opportunities in the upcoming rounds has become a part of my daily strategy.

I traded continuously but continuous trading is very complex and risky. I only advise you to do this if you have trading experience.” Jupiter (JUP) distributed 1 billion JUP tokens on January 31, according to the airdrop program.

It was claimed that this distribution was the first round in their larger strategy to distribute 40% of the total JUP supply to the community in four rounds.

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