9,270 Ethereum was removed from ETH/KP3R pool on Uniswap and supplied to Alpha Homora by Yearn Deployer

Earlier today, 9,170 Ethereum were removed from the ETH/KP3R group on Uniswap and made available to Alpha Homora from Yearn Deployer. With the newly added ETH, Alpha Homora is currently creating a high lending interest rate of 6.21% for current holders of 45,420 ETH.


Keeper community voted for Alpha Homora to generate Yield for its ETH treasury: 9,270 Ethereum Migrated

A few days ago, on November 21, 2020, Andre Cronje proposed to move the liquidity in the KP3R-ETH group on Uniswap to Alpha Homora to benefit from the high ETH lending interest rate on the platform. As a result, 86% supported migration. Today the proposal has been made.

Keeper’s community is currently receiving high returns to the ETH treasury without the risk of irregular loss. It is still expanding to Alpha Homora, as the platform can now accommodate more leveraged farmers. And liquidity providers looking to borrow these ETH to either benefit the farm or provide more liquidity and earn higher APY.

  • 22,194 KP3R and 9,265 ETH was removed from ETH/KP3R pool on Uniswap by Yearn Deployer
  • 9,270 ETH was then added to Alpha Homora by Yearn Deployer

The team said:

“We’re very excited to see Alpha Homora starting to fit into the wider DeFi lego, as more DeFi projects start to leverage Alpha Homora and our interest-bearing ETH to receive uniquely high yield.”

Furthermore, Andre Cronje also said:

“Alpha Homora makes the highest lending interest rate on ETH, and it makes sense to move our ETH treasury to Alpha Homora.”

You can see the Ethereum price here.

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