7 books about Bitcoin and Blockchain you should have read by now

Regardless of the threshold, we all start from scratch when we know cryptocurrency and blockchain. There are many ways to cultivate knowledge about this new world, such as participating in endless discussions on Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, reading articles on Medium, newspapers… But, there is a traditional way, And the simplest, anyone can access and apply that tiendientu.org would recommend to you in this article, is Reading!

So today, AZCoinNews would like to send you a list of 7 books about Bitcoin and Blockchain worth, knowledge-rich, worthy of you on your headboard.

1. Bitcoin: The Future Of Money? – Dominic Frisby

With this title, you probably think that Dominic Frisby spent 304 pages on how Bitcoin (BTC) will change the world. But no, the author did not do so.

Instead, the author stepped back to see Bitcoin clearer …

As a basic explanation for beginners, the book details the origins of Bitcoin, how and why Bitcoin was created, and even Frisby discussed who the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto was.

The book is written in English and is quite easy to understand if you are not technical. In other works, Frisby always chose a humorous writing style to give readers the lightness and fun when dealing with a complex issue or some topics that were once boring.

2. Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps – Daniel Drescher


Many people approach crypto and blockchain with a sense that they are not technical people, and I will face many barriers. This is the truth and no one’s own story.

But don’t worry, everything has Drescher!

Drescher clarified the basic knowledge of blockchain without resorting to dry concepts, or complex formulas and code. The author has cleverly put the background knowledge into the first chapters so that readers can easily grasp and gradually take a step in the journey to conquer blockchain technology through his book. After reading the “25 steps”, you will basically understand the general principles that make up a blockchain.

3. The Dark Net – Jamie Bartlett


Ok, so this one isn’t strictly about cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, but it’s well worth a read if you want to fill yourself in on the kind of things that Bitcoin helped enable – the dark net. There’s a lot more to the Bitcoin story than holding, mooning, bears, and bulls.

Bartlett spent part of the book discussing Silk Road and how the market uses Bitcoin as a means of payment. Silk Road users are the first group to receive Bitcoin. And, they themselves play an important role in shaping the future of Bitcoin.

If you still think “Silk Road” is an ancient trade route between the East and the West, this book is a good fit for you.

4. The Internet of Money – Andreas M. Antonopoulus


You may have heard about Andreas Antonopoulos, a name well known in the cryptocurrency community.

In The Internet of Money, Antonopoulos looks back on how Bitcoin started, developed, and went beyond the concept of just being a cryptocurrency. The author has consulted a lot of opinions in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community, so the book is quite objective and provides a lot of useful knowledge.

This book has been translated into Vietnamese and marketed, you can find it easily.

5. Digital Gold – Nathaniel Popper


The title of the book says it all.

Popper compared Bitcoin to gold. While the comparison may no longer be relevant – because the book was written in 2015 with the volatility and speculation Bitcoin has experienced over the past 18 months, it’s still worth reading.

Like Frisby, Popper attaches great importance to learning from the origins of Bitcoin, its creator and emerging names in the crypto world. “Digital Gold” was even nominated by the Financial Times as a 2015 book.

6. The Book of Satoshi – Phil Champagne


Champagne immortalized the online statements of Bitcoin’s father – Satoshi Nakamoto. Basically, the book is a summary of everything Nakamoto wrote about Bitcoin and the advent of this cryptocurrency.

It may seem a bit profite at first, but besides the Champagne synthesizers further commented on the importance and value of the comments from Satoshi. The book is also not copyrighted, so everything you read inside can be shared online for free.

If you really like Bitcoin, then this is almost certainly the book that must be on your shelf.

7. Blockchain for Babies (Baby University) – Chris Ferrie & Marco Tomanichel


Unlike the 6 books above, suggestion No. 7 in the list of books to read about Bitcoin and blockchain is a children’s publication. Most of us know how blockchain will change the world, so make sure your children are well prepared for this revolution. “Blockchain for kids” is written by industry experts, so the book is even useful for both us adults and those who don’t have any blockchain concepts yet.

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