5 reasons this undervalued altcoin is the next explosive gem

Widely-followed crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares with their subscribers 5 reasons they believe the hidden gem Lisk (LSK) is the next 100x altcoin in the crypto space.

Lisk (LSK) Overview

According to the trader, Lisk has been around since 2016, but most non-developers have never heard of it. One of the reasons is that they have been building quietly, and they are not a high flyer with a token that’s made 8000%.

In general, Lisk is a blockchain ecosystem whose primary goal is interoperability.

“They plan to achieve this goal by shortening the learning curve for developers. The platform is the only major blockchain project whose SDK to program and develop apps is in Javascript.”

5 reasons for Lisk explosion

The crypto KOL lists out 5 compelling reasons for his bullish optimism on this project which lies in the core of its ease to get developers onto their platform and develop apps.

Firstly, Altcoin Buzz highlights the ability to develop sidechains on Lisk.

‘Like Polkadot, but not calling them parachains, with Lisk, you can develop sidechains. Unlike Polkadot, you can support an unlimited number of sidechains instead of a limited number of parachains on Polkadot.”

The second reason is that the documentation and onboarding process for beginners, intermediate and advanced developers with Lisk’s SDK is good too.

“It has the reputation of being fast, easy, and thorough.”

Moreover, it provides a unique combination for investors who like Layer 1 blockchain projects and Web 3 projects. The platform allows developers to build blockchain applications with total flexibility and lots of customization.

The fourth reason is due to its delegated proof-of-stake of scalable and energy-efficient consensus algorithm.

“We like this form of proof-of-take and a complete 43% of all Lisk is staked.”

The last reason is that Lisk is a decentralized and fully open-source, allowing anyone to access the tools to start building blockchain applications.

Not to mention, the crypto KOL also talks about Lisk’s promising roadmap. In the short-term, the most exciting event for Lisk is the early December AmpliFire event, where they reintroduce Lisk to the world outside of developers.

“The AmpliFire event is a big marketing blitz to show people Lisk is still here, healthy, building, and worthy of your attention.”

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