5 Most Popular Reasons to Mix Your Bitcoins

Bitcoin mixing or tumbling requires a third party who protects the identities of the addresses sending and receiving Bitcoins. When you mix your Bitcoins, you reduce the chances of your Bitcoins being stolen by hackers.

It’s a fact that Bitcoin mixers offer a series of benefits to users, especially when they choose a reliable Bitcoin tumbling service. For one, bitcoinmix.org uses a foolproof algorithm for mixing coins so that you aren’t led to phishing sites or swindled by thieves.

Find out why most people mix their Bitcoins.

Why You Should Mix Your Bitcoins

To Prevent Your Transactions from being Tracked

Mixing your Bitcoins allows you to hide the source of your Bitcoins and the destination to which you’re sending them. If you store your Bitcoins in wallets, for instance, your private key may be compromised. In fact, exchanges aren’t very reliable after all.

However, when you mix your coins, the link between the sending address and the receiving address is wiped off. This means that you cannot be traced. Why should you care? Law enforcement and the government sometimes ask companies to carry out analysis which identify the addresses of real people.

So, Bitcoin Mixer can provide you the total anonymity that you desire.

To Confidently Secure Your Bitcoins

When your Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, your coins are automatically secure. Remember that the blockchain works with a public ledger which normally notifies everyone else when someone makes a transaction.

When you mix your coins, nevertheless, nobody can trace the transactions to you. In essence, nobody can tamper with your coins.

To Prepare for the Unpredictable

In situations where governments seize assets, you could lose all your physical currency. But with digital currency which has been rightly mixed, there’s no way your coins can be found.

Mixing coins allows you to continually buy and pay for goods and services with your Bitcoins. And you remain undetectable amidst all of that.

To Avoid Hacks

Exchanges and wallets are liable to hacks. Hackers are internet pros who know how to strike when no one is looking. To prevent becoming a victim of such hacks, mix your Bitcoins. The result – your transactions can never be traced to you. Hence, you leave the thieves confused.

This doesn’t deny the fact that some Bitcoin tumbling services don’t also get attacked. And this is why you should do your assignments before you choose a mixing service. Be sure that they don’t request personal data or keep logs of your activities.

Mixing Allows You to Anonymously Help People

Another reason to mix your Bitcoins is donations. When you want to help people without being recognized, mix your coins. This allows you to maintain anonymity.

Besides, charity is generally invaluable when the giver is unknown.


This article has discussed five popular reasons why people mix their Bitcoins. Not only does it keep you anonymous, but it also gives you a sense of security and humility.

What other reasons do you have for mixing your Bitcoins?

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