3 reasons this altcoin is the up-and-coming moonshot altcoin

The prominent crypto trader Ben Armstrong shares with his subscribers 3 reasons Cartesi (CTSI) has strong fundamentals that would ignite a moonshot rally in Q4 of 2021.

Reason 1: CTSI Staking is live

According to the trader, Noether proof-of-stake system’s staking delegation is now fully launched on mainnet. During the beta phase, Cartesi worked with three staking partners, Everstake, Blockscope and HashQuark, to ensure block production and accurate testing.

“After a successful mainnet beta period, anyone is now able to create a fully decentralized pool where CTSI holders can delegate their tokens in a safe and trusted environment with no caps or limits. CTSI holders can now create and manage staking pools as well.”

The trader explains that this is great news for CTSI holders because it’s fully decentralized.

“There are no risks to your CTSI and you maintain complete ownership at all times. If the pool you are staking to does not run its node properly, you can easily move on to another one.”

Reason 2: Cartesi Rollups

As Armstrong says, Cartesi has updated on the implementation of the Rollup Machine Manager, a service that will act as an interface between the high-level Rollup logic and the Cartesi Machine.

“This mean that the rollups would provide a very generous scaling factor with very few compromises on security and versatility and secondly, together with sharding, it would form a very powerful combination that complements each other to push scalability even further.

The crypto KOL also unveils that Cartesi rollups is different from the traditional rollups for 2 reasons. Firstly, Cartesi Rollups are able to increase the number of transactions per second in the underlying layer by a factor of at least 100 (and tend to reach 10000 times when sharding is launched). Furthermore, the processing of each of these transactions can now be as intense as an application could possibly need.

Reason 3: Low market cap

CTSI is ranked 239 on CoinMarketCap and currently priced at 0.71 at the time of the recording, which is up almost 18% in the past 7 days. CTSI reached an all-time high of $1.75 was reached on May 8 of this year. The current market cap is $300 million.

Armstrong highlights that with a strong fundamental that CTSI is possessing, there are rooms for the project to grow and get into the top 100 coins, meaning that CTSI market cap would reach at least $1 billion.

Should CTSI were to get its market cap to a billion, Armstrong says that the price would be $3.21, meaning a 4.5X rise.

“It is a completely possible goal for this project to achieve. This project is seriously undervalued, and it is without a doubt one of my personal favorite altcoin gems to keep my eye on.”

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