Bithomp announced fraud alert as it spotted 285 mln XRP moved from addresses of the Plus Token scam

According to Whale Alert and XRPL Monitor, two huge transactions – 284.8 million XRP – have just been made in the cryptocurrency market for a total of up to $ 53.8 million that related to Plus Token.

Will Plus Token XRP transfers affect the XRP price?

And surprisingly, Bithomp marked these transactions as “fraud alert” because the sender and receiver were the Plus Token scam. As AZCoin News reported, a scam project was discovered and closed in the summer of 2019. PlusToken, arguably the biggest cryptocurrency scam in the cryptocurrency market, has scammed about $ 3 billion worth of Bitcoin, higher than BitConnect.


Source: Bithomp

By December 2019, Chainalysis estimated that the scam team had about 20,000 BTC ($ 150 million). And also, because of keeping too much Bitcoin, the Plus Token was suspected to be involved in the Bitcoin price push last year.

Elsewhere, the Twitter bot Whale Alert has launched a new “scam alert” page. This is the website that anyone can report a cryptocurrency scam. The site allows you to look up a database address to see if it has been reported as a scam.



You can also see the top ten addresses for fraudulent scams, scams, and fake gifts on that site, as well as recently reported cryptocurrency wallets.

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