27 large tycoons of PlusToken were arrested, totaling losses of up to $ 5.7 billion

On July 30, according to the Block Beats, ordered by the Ministry of Public Security, police agencies launched an investigation of the Ponzi PlusToken plan and repeatedly arrested a total of 27 major criminal suspects fled overseas and 82 key members of the project.

Ponzi PlusToken has been captured!

It took nearly a year for the police to capture almost the entire PlusToken team because of its core members everywhere in the world. According to IRC, at least $ 1 billion has been laundered and distributed to many wallets from PlusToken. However, this is not the final number, and we still need to continue to monitor the situation of this money transaction shortly. The possibility of it causing a dump to the market is very high!

“In the end, 27 of the PlusToken key figures were arrested by Chinese police. More than $ 3 billion in crypto value has been caught in a swirl of fraud.”

This act of arrest almost wholly destroyed the giant MLM network, which has been entrenched at home and abroad. PlusToken is practically the first Ponzi project to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of transaction and was discovered and summarized from security agencies.

So far, PlusToken is alleged to involve more than 2 million participants, with more than 3,000 relationships large and small, and the total damage value of the project has exceeded $ 5.7 billion.

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