12.58 million BTC has been hodl for over 12 months

Nearly 12.6 million BTC has not been moved for over 12 months. With a total circulating supply of just 21 million, more than half of all BTC will be hodl in the long-term. Statistics show investors’ strong belief that the Bitcoin market has not yet fully grown.

Analyst The Moon has highlighted the number of Bitcoin hodlers committed on Twitter, which includes himself.

This number sounds crazy when the total market value for all Bitcoin hasn’t moved in over a year is over $ 108 billion.

Hodlers’ confidence in the investment remains strong despite the price shifting from around $ 3,400 to near $ 14,000 within six months and slowly reduced to about half of that number.

In the feedback chain, one user pointed out that long-term investors with strong will create a strong resistance. The Moon agreed but emphasized that it was difficult to determine exactly where that level is.

Hodl 12.6 mln BTC 2

Source: Twitter

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