1000x NFT Altcoins To Buy Now Before Crypto Market Recovery, According to trader Craig Percoco

In a recent video, the widely-followed trader Craig Percoco unveils the best NFT project with massive potential to experience massive growth of 100-1000x in the next 5 to 10 years.

“With BTC dropping by more than 50% and taking the crypto market with it, it’s easy to follow that shiny object and lose focus on what is important. While the world seems to forgets about NFT’s after the initial hype, the major social media and e-commerce businesses are working in silence creating a monstrous plan to implement NFT’s”.

WEYU NTF Project

The first hidden and the most exciting NFT project on Percoco’s list is Weyu project, the world’s first Multi-Chain Platform designed specifically for the NFT resale market.

As the tokenization of items such as collectibles, art, music, content, property, and everything in-between becomes the norm, WEYU believes that the mass adoption tipping point will come from simple-to-use platforms that cater to the average internet user.

“They’re really honing in on the most important roadblock when it comes to the NFT market space which is accessibility to the user in good smooth, simple to use user interface and Weyu is solving that by basically bringing all of the blockchains together in one place so that you can basically buy and sell NFTs pretty much on any blockchain just by connecting your wallet to WEYU”.

ECOMI Project

Next on the list is Ecomi (OMI), which is the currency used on VeVe platform.

“ECOMI allows users to both buy and sell digital collectibles, as well as show off their items with VeVe’s social media aspect. VeVe also has brand partnerships with well-known licensors in the traditional collectors market, as mentioned, including many D.C. characters like Batman and Wonder Woman”.

According to the trader, ECOMI is made up of two different elements: the former ECOMI Collect ecosystem (now known as VeVe) and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet. VeVe contains the VeVe store, a second-hand market, an augmented reality showroom and a social feed.

At the time of the video, the market capitalization of this coin is about half a billion dollars.

“It is a pretty sizable market cap but if we’re considering this being a major currency for one of the potential biggest NFT platforms in use, if we see tens of trillions of dollars pour into the cryptocurrency market over the next 5 to 10 years, we could probably easily see this at a 100 to 200 billion dollar market cap which would basically be anywhere from a 50 to 100x investment on this”.

Decentraland (MANA)

Last on the list is Decentraland (MANA),  a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications.

“Decentraland is built for content creators, businesses and individuals that are looking for a new artistic medium, business opportunity, or source of entertainment”.

Importantly, the fact that Grayscale has launched Grayscale Decentraland Trust would be a huge indication of Decentraland massive potential growth in the future.

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