0x protocol expands to Binance Smart Chain

0x protocol v4 is now live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – hedging its bets on Ethereum’s ability to handle more transaction volume.

The 0x v4 smart contracts on BSC are identical to those on Ethereum, which have been audited and adopted by the 0x community.

The DEX aggregator Matcha has also added support for BSC, providing users with the ability to discover and access hundreds of new assets.

“We believe tokenization will spread to new networks that serve a variety use cases and user demographics, with many successful ecosystems existing in parallel”, the blog said.

0x is a decentralized exchange protocol that developers can use to build their own cryptocurrency exchanges. The company’s founder refers to his solution as the “Craigslist for cryptocurrencies” in that any developer can build their own cryptocurrency exchange and post it online. Built by 0x Labs, the protocol serves as an open standard and core DeFi building block for any developer needing exchange functionality.

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